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Gipfel: Balmhorn Westgipfel, 3668 m.ü.M.

Route: Balmhorn Westgipfel via Zackengrat

David S.


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General: a lot of fresh snow above 2800m, too warm night, so even early morning it was very tiring to walk in the snow, above 3150m had sense to use crampons

- from 2550m more or less all under snow
- steep slope to Zackengrat can be partially climbed over rocks
- whole Zackengrat under a week old snow (tiring to walk in, if not freezing at night), wait 10-14 days to have it melted away
- crampons used above 3150m in the early morning
- at 10 AM all melting even at 3500m
- smaller wet snow avalanches from Rinderhorn
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WEBCAMS (im Umkreis von 5km)
- pictures from the climb:
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