Verhältnisse - Detail

Gipfel: The Zonk

Route: Unbeschriebene Route

Maikel van Sundert


The Zonk has turned into a bolted rockclimbing area. Most of the curtain has fallen down on Friday the 22nd. Ice routes are out of the question. 'Hello Hello' hasn't got enough ice. 'Bite the ice' is in good condition. Propagator and Schnäg can be climbed, but are more difficult. 'The Zonk' itself is thin and must be graded above 6. 'Short teeth' collapsed making room for a lovely M7 mixed boulder. 5 meters of steep rock, ice, more rock and an ice roof to top it off. Protection in ice.
You can keep on climbing in the area, but I can hardly recommend it as I find mixed climbing to be more than rock leading to an armslength of ice.
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