Verhältnisse - Detail

Gipfel: Taschachwand

Route: Unbeschriebene Route

Erik Koolwijk


We came to climb pitztaler eisexpress; our conclusions:

Taschachwand: the classic route (on the right) does not exist at the moment due to extreme high temperatures. The whole face was threatend by wet-snow-avalanches, rockfall and seracs. Maybe there are still possibilities on the far left. In the centre of the face there is a huhge serac-zone.

Furthermore we took al quick look at petersenspitze. We left taschachhaus at 01:00 at night, but is was so warm that we turned around at 04:00 because it was to warm. The snow was wet all through.

Brochkogel looked fine, but seemed to have al lot of blank ice in it.

We were about one or two weeks to late, I guess
Taschachwand: forget it for this year, come back next year at the end of the winter, or early in spring.
Petersenspitze will still be possible after some cooling down and a cold night, brochkogel likewise.
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