Verhältnisse - Detail

Gipfel: Pt. Sup. du Pre de Bar / Charlet - Ghilini

Route: Unbeschriebene Route

Simon Slejko


Day 1: With touring skis from Lognan to Argentiere hut. Good track, approach is also possible with snowshoes.
Day 2: Hut - Pre de Bar. Goulotte is very well formed. Few mixed meters and one cca. 5 m high vertical section on water ice. Altogether 11 pitches and 5 and half hours of climbing. Descent via rappels.
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Condition won’t change if cold persists, but with high number of ascents ice might get thinner. On the same day other climbers also did Madness tres mince, Petit Viking and north face of Droites - probably Jackson or Ginat.
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