Verhältnisse - Detail

Gipfel: Couloir de Dolent /Couloir Pre de Bar/ other info

Route: Unbeschriebene Route

Erik Koolwijk


April 17th: Couloir de Dolent: Good conditions, neve (Firn) combined with ice. Abeilpoints can be used for belaying in the route. The 'randkluft' was bridged by a lot of loose snow, but posed no problem yet.

April 19th: Couloir Pre de Bar: 'randkluft' was 5 meters of vertical climbing, but was good te be done. Traverse into the couloir was tricky (a lot of loose, non-solid shit) after that purely solid ice all the way up. Sustained. Abseiling gave some problems, because routefinfing is complex and difficult

From hear-say; Petit Viking in excellent condition, a lot of other goulottes were said to be in good form too.
If the weather remains the same (about zero degrees at 300 meter) the routes will remain in good condition for al long time.
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