Verhältnisse - Detail

Gipfel: Fletschhorn Nordwand

Route: Unbeschriebene Route

Jan Schellekens


At 04.30 I left the Biwak at 3012 m. It was very cold, and there was a huge storm blowing. I crossed the big crevass (=Bergschrund) on the right hand side. Afterwards I continued diagonaly upwards, passing the first rock island on the right side. The second rock (island) I passed on the left and continued in a straight line to te highest point of the face. At approx. 3600 meters the face became about 60 degrees steep. From this point on the wind was not so terrible anymore. The last 20 meters were ver steep (80 degrees) but due to the excellent snow conditions this section was also very well to be done. There was a lot of snow in the face that was very well frozen and very stable. I descended by passing the Fletschjoch and continued my way down by crossing the Fletschhorngletscher on the south side (route 1016 SAC Führer). The labyrinth was not a big problem (wearing crampons (=Steigeisen). I finished in the Weissmieshütte.
This day was an extremely cold day. I had snowshoes with me, but they remained in my backpack the entire day! There were lots of snow but it was all hard frozen, even at 2800 meters above the Weissmieshütte! This will change once it starts to get warmer. The conditions in the face will remain to be very good; there was lots of frozen snow (=Firn) and no blank ice at all.
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