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Gipfel: Jungfrau - Innere Rottalgrat

Route: Unbeschriebene Route

Jan Schellekens


We left the Rottalhütte at 04.30. In the dark we hiked/climbed our way to the ridge. The lower part of the ridge is an easy path. We probabely missed one or two Steinmannen as we ended up in the flank. Climbing back to the ridge was easy enough and we continued the climb as expected. The fixed ropes were in good shape (note: in the guidebook it is mentioned that there are three fixed ropes, which is not accurate anymore; the first two fixed ropes are now one very long one! so, there are only two sections with fixed ropes). The upper part of the ridge leads through 150 meters of frozen snow (Firn) which was very well to climb in the morning hours, arriving at the summit at 11.15. We descended using the Normalweg to the Jungfraujoch. At the Joch (3800 meters) we had to cut our way through the Wächte and climb down the Bergschrund (90 degrees, 10 meters). Further down the snow was very soft and we sank repeadedly up to our hips into it (we did not have snowshoes). We arrived at 20.15 in the Mönchjochshütte).
The Innere Rottalgrat is dry and very well to be done. The Normalweg is probabely not climbed this year yet, considering the Wächte that we had fight our way through. There was surprisingly much snow between 3400 and 3800 meters altitude. The conditions will only improve during the next weeks.
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