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Gipfel: Piz Roseg, 3937 m.ü.M.

Route: NO-Wand

Koen Bertrem


2 Person(en)
Sorry, I don't write German too well. We passed the bergschrund somewhat to the left. Conditions in the face are very good at the moment because of the snowfall last week. There's enough and good quality snow in the first part of the face up untill the rockband. Above the rockband we climbed to the right first (good trittschnee), then to the left for the last part (here good trittschnee in combination with trittschnee on top of ice). No blankeis anywhere at the moment! We climbed everything solo except for a short part of the second section of the rockband.

Reached the top of the Schneekuppe at 10am so decided not to do the main summit. Found the abseilpiste on the Eselsgrat easily!
On sunday there was another party of two who did the route. On monday there may have been another party of three, but more cloudcover so we're not sure if they toped out.

This route is in perfect condition right now. Depending on temperature, sunshine and snowfall it might stay like this for at least a while longer.
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