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Gipfel: Allalinhorn, 4027 m.ü.M.

Route: Hohlaubgrat ab Britanniahütte



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The intend was to go up the Hoghlaubgrat to go as far as the amount of snow would allow us and return back if necessary.

Since we left early (4h00), the snow was crisp and hard (firn) until the summit, which was excellent.

The rock-climbing part before the summit was more difficult than normal though due to the amount of snow. In fact, there was too much snow for comfortable climbing; it required delicate climbing with lots of route-cleaning by removing snow. We fully belayed/secured the climb from the access point of the rock-climb.

Apart from the more difficult access to the summit due to the amount of snow, the conditions were excellent.
To leave early to have good crisp/hard snow conditions.
Wettervorhersage für Allalinhorn (Quelle:
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WEBCAMS (im Umkreis von 5km)
No snow-shoes required if one leaves early
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