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Gipfel: Eiger Mittellegi (absteigung via sud eigerjoch




Conditions are NOT optimal. It has snowed on wedsnesday and there was a lot of powder snow ( and some icy rock) Without pulling the ropes the tour would be more than D+ (And there are still some delicate moves without rope or bolts. Very difficult to free climb the loose rock with powder snow on it. We did 5 hours to the top. Descent took us 5.5 hours. Do not underestimate the descent. It is very long although the rock from Northern eigerjoch to southern eigerjoch(Granit) is much better to climb than the mittelegi ridge. For the moment this south ridge has a lot of mixed climbing due to the snow Weather was very nice, on saturday we lay down in the sun on the terrace of the hut. Sunday (climb) was very nice but clouds appeared and at 18.00 the sky was all grey with all mounatins the clouds. Fortunately, we were at the Jungfraujoch at 17.30
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