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Blizzard BD Look Marker Dalbello Zipfit

Blizzard BD Look Marker Dalbello Zipfit
Some assorted gear for sale. Feel free to make reasonable offers. Shipping cost indicated for Switzerland only. For shipping outside CH, please contact for a quote. I have more photos upon request. Please do not forget to send me your email address. All items located in Münchenstein, BL.

Blizzard Bodacious. Length: 186cm. Very good condition. Only taken out a few times. Small scratches in the bases, nothing huge i.e. no coreshots. Topsheets look excellent. Bindings are Look P12 mounted on the line for a 307mm BSL. 200 CHF picked up or 235 CHF shipped.

Blizzard Cochise. Length: 185cm. Bases are in very good condition. Skied about 50 days. No core shots. Topsheets have quite a few scratches typical of skis that have 50 days on them. Again, nothing major. Bindings are Marker Jester 16 mounted on the line for 307mm BSL. 200 CHF picked up or 235 CHF shipped.

Black Diamond Boundary 100. Length: 164cm. 20 meter turn radius. Both bases and topsheets are in excellent condition. These were my wifes skis, but she only skied them once and does not like them. Bindings are Markers and go up to a din of 10. Mounted on the line for a 298mm BSL. 150 CHF picked up or 180 CHF shipped.

Dalbello Krypton Pro 130. Size: 26.5. About 50 days on these. These are the non-I.D. liner models. The liners have about 15 days on them. I mostly used Zipfits (see below) with these. These are in good condition. I very often used Yaktrax (put on the bottom of ski boots to walk across parking lots) so the bases of the boots are in good condition and not chewed up. These come with softer tongues, softer inserts for inside the boot shell as well as forward lean inserts etc. 125 CHF shipped.

Zipfit custom liners. Size: 27.5. I used these in the boot shell above as well as in a previous pair of boots. These were purchased and fitted by Mountain Air in Verbier. These can be cooked and remolded to your feet over and over again. – over 300 CHF new. 40 CHF shipped.

Salomon S12 Ti (Scott is written on the binding). Good condition. Comes with 2 sets of brakes. 1st set are original and will fit up to 85mm waisted skis. The 2nd pair of brakes would fit up to 130mm waisted skis. This 2nd set would need to have some plastic trimmed to make them fit the binding, but it is possible. Screws are included, but you might want to get some new ones. 25 CHF picked up. 35 CHF shipped.
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