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Deep Powder

SET: Salomon Rocker 2 122 192 / Mark...

SET: Salomon Rocker 2 122 192 / Marker Tour F12 / Fell
Die "Powder-Gun" schlechthin.

Länge: 192
Cut: 144 - 122- 136
Radius: 26m
Bindung: Marker Tour F12 - L
Jahrgang 2016
Fell Jahrgang 2018 (unbenutzt)
in Top Zustand
NP: 1400.--


Twin Rocker
Long, medium height rocker profile at the tip and tail enables easy pivoting with maximum floatation and maneuverability in powder. The ski retains a long contact zone on edge with camber in the middle of the ski for stability and edge grip.

Edgy Monocoque
Designed for freeskiing applications, with reduced excess material for more efficient energy transfer from skier to snow.

Edge Free extremities
No edges in the tip or tail area of the ski provide more fluid gliding in powder because edges don't "hang up", and weight is reduced.

Carve Zone
The traditionally cambered section of twin rocker skis, where the sidecut is focused for more power, energy and edge grip.

Hook Free Taper
The widest point in the sidecut tapers in toward the tip earlier for less drag and hooking in powder. Swing weight is also reduced making the ski even more maneuverable in difficult snow.

Honey Comb Tip
More Float, Less FLop. Super light honeycomb/Koroyd insert, reinforced with ABS. Less weight at the extremties with increased dampening from Koroyd dramatically increases maneuverability and ease of steering on rockered skis.

Full Woodcore
Full length wood laminates, from tip to tail, giving optimum stability and rebound, while maximizing ski to snow contact and filteering vibrations.
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