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SALE von Kletterausrüstung (total Au...

SALE von Kletterausrüstung (total Ausverkauf)
Grüezi all!

I am the manager of Alonso Import (Totem Cams, Kop de Gas, Korda´s, etc // and I will be closing the enterprise very soon. If you are interested in purchasing any products I am doing a 15% in all the gear from Totem (, Kop de Gas ( and Korda´s ( Please, do not hesitate in contacting me directily via email: or per handy 0787 512 869.

Have a nice day!
Eduardo Alonso
Alonso Import
Tlf. (CH): +41 787 512 869
CHF .-
17.10.2019 um 14:58
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