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Maximilian Schwerin

Gipfel: Punta Zanzi, 2200 m.ü.M.

Punta Zanzi
2200 m.ü.M.
Andere Region
33:49:51:S | 70:03:06:W
Punta Zanzi, Concierto Para Bong V 6a+ and Directisima
Driving near to Santiago the Chile to the Cajon del Maipo Valley until Baños Morales at the right hand you will start to see some impressive sandstone walls.
This is a beautiful alpine climb with nice mountain surrounding. From the road you take like 3 hours to rich the wall, the access is really complicate to find and can be dangerous for that reason is better to go there with someone who know the zone. Has been a few fatal accidents in the access to the cliff.
The Punta Zanzi have like 7 routs of 250 mts, one rout that I recommended is the Concierto Para Bong, 250 mts V 6.a and the Directisima V 6.b. The rock is solid with a nice crack. For all the routs you need to take Camelots and Friends, the protection is good and you have rappel stations to come down. You also need to take tow 50 or 60 meters rope.
Here you will find from nice fingers cracks to chimney and perfect crack dihedral.
In the area of the Cajon del Maipo there are several other climbing cliff to practice alpine or sport climb surrounding for the magnificent of the Andes mountains.

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Route     Art Schwierigkeit Höhenmeter
Concierto Para Bong    Klettertour 6a+ 250m
Directisima    Klettertour 6b 250m