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Gipfel: Pizzo del Lago Gelato / Pizzo dell'Alpe Gelato - Cima Nord, 2613 m


Route: Canalone Nord del Pizzo dell'Alpe Gelato

Canalone Nord del Pizzo dell'Alpe Gelato
Skitour / Snowboardtour
1300 m
4.0 Stunden
Route 715a: From Cimalmotto (1405m), follow the road westwards. Descent by Pianelli di Sotto to the bridge over the Rio Colobiasca (1285m). Cross the bridge and turn left. Follow the trail through the forest to Alpe di Sfii (1666m). Go up to a cross and continue to Alpe Piemantiu. Follow the river to Conca. From Conca go up into the Valle del Gelato. Keep left and go up to the Ganna del Gelato (36 degrees). After a short flatter slope climb the last steep slope to the coll between the North and South summit of the Pizzo del Alpe Gelato.
Route 715b: From the North summit or the coll traverse the Southwest slope of the Pizzo dell'Alpe Gelato to the right. Turn sharp right into the Canalone. First 40 degrees, then around 35 degrees. At 1950 m keep right, first 40 degrees, than the Canalone gets less steep. Follow the right bank of the Rio Colobiasca to Balma della Rossa, cross the river and follow the trail through the forest up to Cimalmotto.

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