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6962 m
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32:39:02:S | 70:00:27:W
-32.6506 | -70.0075
The mount Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Andes Mountain, and the highest in the world outside of Asia with 6.962.
This is a beautiful ascension with great view of the surrounding mountains.
This mountain has deferent’s routs and the most normal’s are the Normal and the Polacos.
The normal rout is not a technical rout bur demand a the body since is a high mountain. For this ascension you have to use the logistic of a high mountain expedition.
The physical demands for this ascension are high and a good physical condition with a good acclimation program are really important to be prepare to reach the summit. Is also important to considerate the weather factor, that also can be a problem if you are not well prepare, is indispensable to have the correct gear against low temperatures, here the weather can change really fast..
For the normal rout you can place between two or tree mountain camps depending of yow strategy, the normal camps are the Canada, Nido de Condores and Berlin.
After one day of rest and acclimation in Plaza de Mulas (the base camp of the Aconcagua 4.300 mts) you can go to the first high mountain camp called Nido de Condores 5.560 mts. From here the next day you can reach the next camp Berlin 5.930 mts from here you can reach the summit at the next day in approximately 9 and 11 hours going from Berlin to the Summit and return.
Like I said before this is not a technical climb, you don’t need skies or climbing gear, only a crampons in case of too much snow but normally is not necessary.
This is a great experience to be in the highest summit of America and you only need a good acclimation program, physical conditions and a good local guide is also important to help you with all the logistic and support in case of any inconvenience.

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