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Gipfel: Wyssi Frau, 3650 m

Olivier M

Route: Überschreitung - Morgenhorn - Wyssi Frau - Blüemlisalphorn

Überschreitung - Morgenhorn - Wyssi Frau - Blüemlisalphorn
Berg-/Hochtour (Sommer)
23 m
1.0 Stunden
After summiting on the Morgenhorn, follow the sharp, snow covered ridge towards the Wyssi Frau. A few rock sections (Felsstufe) must be overcome with little pro but solid iron poles for belaying. Good hard snow (Trittfirn) allows further progress up and down along the ridge. After the Wyssi Frau, the same continues to the Bläemlisalphorn. At one steep rock section, there is a bolt down to the right for anchoring the belayer. You may be tempted to go around left on the south face but attacking the rock strait on up to the pole is probably easier and less risky - even if it is a little bolder.
topo.verlag Hochtouren Topoführer Berner Alpen (2020)
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