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Verhältnisse vom 18.05.2003

Lagginhorn SW-Rippe / S-Grat

At 06.00 I left the Weissmishütte. I used the SW-Rippe to climb to the S-Grat. The Rippe was almost completely dry, untill 3800 meters. The last 100 meters to the S-Grat were covered with blank ice. To reach the S-Grat I passed the Grand Gendarme by using a narrow couloir (blank ice, approx 30 meters/70 degrees). Some sections of the S-Grat were still covered with (frozen) snow. It took me altogether 5½ hours to reach the summit. I descended by using the W-Grat.
The few sectios that are still covered with snow will remain like this in the next period (like the section under and next to the Grand Gendarme). The S-Grat will become dryer every day, and therefor better to do.


Lagginhorn SW-Rippe / S-Grat

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