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Gipfel: Ortstock, 2717 m.ü.M.

Route: Ab Braunwald



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Didn't see any other tourers today after leaving Gumen - start from Gumen at 10:20, track already made until Butzi, then following an older track from Charetalp until the turn south towards Euloch. From there made the track ourselves, wayfinding towards Euloch a little difficult but we didn't waste too much time/elevation. Crossed old avalanche debris (tongue lying at ca. 2100m) which let go from a crown on the south side of Furggele, so we stayed to the north side. Good snow there, not even wind slabs - we climbed up all the way to the Hoch Turm wall east wall directly underneath the ridge and decided not to climb over the cornices. Absolutely perfect snow for the descent to Euloch, grueling climb back to Butzi, and then a bit heavier snow & a bit of stone contact down to Ortstockhaus. Long (unintentional) detour on the descent for some sightseeing through Schwettiberg.
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Good until the snow comes this week, but the cornices are pretty large and the Ortstock NW ridge looks a bit hard / windblown.
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