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In the morning well frozen. Powder above 2700, a wind crust between 2300 and 2700, nice sulz below.
Windy in the morning but the wind weakened during the day as predicted.
The Ghiacciaio del Basodino is very well covered with snow, no visible crevasses.
Old wet avalanches on both sides of the Bocchetta del Castello
Will stay good the next days
We started from Riale, there still snow from the parking.
We did not the the 'delicate traverse' from the Bocchetta del Castello (2714), it looked quite rocky. We descended east to 2600 m on the Ghiacciaio del del Basodino. We checked out the direct descent to Rif Maria Luisa from the Passo del Basodino. There is a big Waechte and some rocks sticking out of the snow. So we returned the same way to Riale, 1800 m up in total.
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